Our Services

LC deliver bespoke marketing, publishing and production solutions with unrivalled service. With over a decade of hands-on experience in Luxury, Lifestyle and Retail, we have created a raft of services capable of delivering any marketing need.

We pride ourselves on pushing production boundaries to deliver outstanding results. And with a portfolio of award-winning titles, our specialist publishing services are globally renowned.

Concept, Format & Finishing
With a talented team of experienced Print Managers, we understand and have knowledge of all print processes and can therefore select the most appropriate and effective methods to meet your requirements.

From our showroom in central London, or at a location of your choice, we have the creativity and talent to input at the concept stage of your project; sharing ideas, samples and examples to help develop and realise your vision.

We have extensive experience in producing a wide range of formats including; magazines, books, catalogues, invitations, posterzines, media inserts, door drops and corporate literature.

Ensuring Quality and Pushing Boundaries
To ensure the highest quality, we are proud to have developed award-winning Pre-Press, Fogra certified proofing and hands-on press-passing services. Utilising the latest technologies, we can provide clients with design, page make-up, retouching, image colour balancing & profiling with a full online approval system that caters for uncoated and coated materials.

We are comfortable pushing print boundaries and producing bespoke finishes for demanding Creative Directors. We have considerable experience in ensuring publications stand-out in their marketplace. We have the know-how to meet the most exacting quality standards for Luxury Brands and to achieve the “X” factor. We can deliver the most efficient and cost-effective methods for high volume Retailers.

As part of My Logical Group, and through our own printworks and factory partners throughout the UK, USA and Europe, we manage an extensive array of print methods and finishes*.

We ensure your needs are appropriately and skilfully specified applying the appropriate attention to detail and knowledge. We directly oversee production and invest our time, energy and creativity to ensure the best result and to reduce the demands on our clients.

We are proud of our work and always welcome new opportunities to help a business or publication succeed. In every project, we invite and encourage clients to formally feedback to us so that we continually improve and evolve. Put simply, your success drives our success.

*For a full plant list or information on our production capabilities please contact

NewsStand Distribution
As part of our Publisher Services we provide Global News Stand Distribution, providing publishers of magazines & books with a global presence and precise control over where publications are available.

Product Placement
Additionally, we provide publishers and retailers a global solution for product placement of their publications. This can cover: Airport Lounges, Hotels, Super Yachts, Eurostar Terminals, Private Jets, Private Member Clubs, Health Clubs and various others. We can pretty much place your product in any global destination.

Subscription Management & Fulfilment
In the UK, we provide full subscription & fulfilment management for publishing titles. This covers full stock control, global postage management, pick & pack with a variety of outer carriers depending on the product.

Postal Management, Pick & Pack
We provide full worldwide postal management whether a letter, large letter or packet with our trusted and approved providers. With over 25 million items under management we are confident of providing a seamless solution and full traceability.

For the distribution of individual items and cases, we can provide full UK warehousing, pick & pack services with associated stock control.

Data-Driven Communications
Spotting business opportunities and identifying the right customers to contact is critical to the success of marketing campaigns.

Using programmatic techniques that automatically select customers and dynamically control the content, we can deliver highly effective revenue-generating customer communications.

Communications can take many forms and utilise different mediums.

Digital Mediums
LC can support you in using data to deliver more effective Email, Social and Direct Mail campaigns. Typical applications of data-driven intelligent communications include Abandoned Baskets, Cross/Up-Selling, Product Continuity, Surplus Stock Clearance and Event Triggered Communications.

The speed, agility and responsiveness of Email and Social mediums is well known, but now, such techniques can be applied to physical communications too.

Using same-day digital printing, we can create and deliver highly personal Mail Packs to the customer while they are in the decision-making window, ensuring the communication is relevant and effective.

Acquiring new customers
Utilising Search and Social Listening research techniques, we build a clear picture of the campaigns your competitors are running and where opportunities exist to secure new audiences and the best keywords and campaigns to target.

Using this research, it is possible to build a strategy that minimise campaign costs, identifies where relevant audiences are, and takes advantages of weak areas in your competitors marketing.

Retaining and growing existing customers
Through advanced customer insight & targeting, we can build and automate communications that Reward Loyal Customers, Reactivate Lapsing Customers and Increase Customer Spend.

Identifying customers that are at risk of lapsing, or those that are likely to spend more or buy more frequently immediately provides a clear steer to a business as to how and when to communicate with customers.

Understanding ROI
Our data team will use your customer data to determine the ROI for your campaigns, applying segmentation, A/B testing and control groups to clarify the performance of your marketing campaigns. This process improves the profitability of your marketing and provides valuable guidance as to where and how to apply future marketing budgets.

In an increasingly complex marketing environment, correctly attributing conversions to campaigns is challenging. In many cases, the importance and impact of offline channels/mediums can be lost when customers transition to a digital channel appearing to have been driven purely from digital methods such as search.

Data & Fulfilment
We offer our clients full data & fulfilment services. Data is the glue for any business and it requires due care and attention. We provide our clients with full data artistry, profiling, list buying, cleansing and mail sorting.

The fulfilment element is spread across poly or paper which is either mechanically or hand enclosed.

Postal Management, Pick & Pack
For small to large scale DM campaigns, we provide full worldwide postal management whether a letter, large letter or packet with our trusted and approved providers. With over 25 million items under management we are confident of providing a seamless solution and full traceability.

For the distribution of individual items and cases, we can provide full UK warehousing, pick & pack services with associated stock control.

LC’s retail point of sale services encompass a whole range of print materials. We have extensive experience and capability across all areas of POS printing and finishing. We print, collate & deliver national POS campaigns for a range of retailers.

LC are experts in luxury and special packaging solutions working with brands to create solutions and a great customer experience. We manage small to large-run production of luxury or special packaging and can work with you from concept through to manufacture and delivery.

Event Management
We support clients with small to large-scale event requirements, including project management, large-format print and event development services.

Commercial & Partnership Management
For publishers, we typically work hand-in-hand with the existing ad-sales team to ensure advertiser’s needs can be met and maximise commercial opportunities.

Invitations & Guest Management
Increasingly, physical media is used as a key component in events and promotions to improve engagement and to establish the most appropriate tone for an event. LC specialise in creating VIP, Corporate and Luxury invitations and can manage guest lists and communications pre and post event.

“We believe that honesty, trust and clear advice play a major part in all our client partnerships and these values have helped make us truly successful. LC will always be loyal and supportive towards our client’s business goals. We are confident that the relationships we have nourished over the past decade demonstrate that this loyalty is reciprocated.

I feel extremely proud of the LC team and the extraordinarily skilled individuals who deliver our client’s printing and marketing requirements. Our diverse range of expertise continues to gain strength; ensuring our clients stay ahead of their competition.

With LC, it’s fair to say your business is in safe and capable hands”

Greig Scott, Founder and Managing Director