Project Description

Don’t let dreams just be dreams…

For the third edition of the ambitious Book of Dreams, Swarovski turned to Garage Magazine and the team at LC to weave our magic. Launched at New York Fashion Week, the Book of Dreams pushes production boundaries to the extreme, cleverly combining colour, fabric, metal, crystal and wood to produce something wonderful.

Safely packaged in a handcrafted wooden crate resembling a miniature version of museum transport boxes, there were three different covers, all imagined and bejewelled by Mickalene Thomas. Thomas is an American artist known for her intricate collages embellished with textures, simultaneously referencing art movements like Dadaism and Cubism and discussing topics of gender, race and sexuality.

Embellished in crystals, the covers demand attention and positively scream colour. While it’s considered their Art Issue, the Book of Dreams holds a variety of talent in its 125 glossy pages, all curated by Markus Langes-Swarovski, Member of the Swarovski Executive Board, and creative director Giovanna Engelbert.

Joining Mickalene inside the magazine, Martine Gutierrez explores her identity as a trans latinx woman through photographic self-portraits in a variety of jewels. Mexican sculptor Raúl de Nieves used Swarovski crystals and pearls in a kaleidoscopic way resembling the eye of a child, elevated into semi-abstract beings of beauty. Nail superstar (and the person behind Cardi B’s claws) Jenny Bui also got her moment to shine inside this Book of Dreams, doing what she does best – crafting show-stopping nails that bling all the way to outer space. Bringing in a sense of high fashion to the dream, London-based Nadine Ijewere captured Binx Walton dancing around in full Swarovski glam. Each of the individual creatives brought their unique sensibility and total freedom of creating, all with the task of inspiring the world to shine bright in these dark times.

The launch of the book coincided with a special exhibition featuring the works of creatives Swarovski collaborated with in the book too, which Lady Neophitou still can’t stop talking about. But for those who aren’t one of the lucky 500 that will get their hands on the extremely limited edition of the Book of Dreams, we suggest putting Blondie on blast and scrolling through the images above. In her own words: “Dreaming is free…”

Services Involved
  • Concept Development
  • Product Design
  • Print Production
  • Hand Finishing & Calligraphy
  • Specialist Packaging
  • Distribution
  • Project Management
  • Ad-hoc Requirements

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