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Project Description

Capturing A Slice of Paradise in Andalusia

With summer upon us, we’ve recently been involved in producing this beautiful magazine for the exclusive Marbella Club in Andalusia.
If a measure of success in physical marketing is the emotional response created in the recipient, this would have to be up there among the best… we defy anyone to pick this up and not want to jump straight on a plane to Spain.

The publisher, Smoke Creatives, have produced an outstanding piece of content marketing. The magazine’s tone of voice takes its lead from the core values of the Marbella club. Expressing the formal informality that the club is known for with a tone that is insightful but conversational, and at times playful, humorous and surprising. The result is warm and authentic with a knowing nod to those details that regular visitors will appreciate and love but without alienating first time visitors.

Content, Design & Format

The magazine captures the rich tapestry of Marbella Club’s personality through a thoughtful curation of voices, weaving in the voices of the hotel both past and present whether that’s the chefs, nutritionists, therapists, kids clubs hosts or the MC personalities like the famous Count Rudi. A blend of punchy dip in pieces, first person and experiential longer reads bring this legendary club to life.

Design-wise, a mix of characterful portraiture and clean styling keep the look fresh and fun. Illustration is used to break up features and bring distinctive and relaxed visual touches to spreads. Travel photography captures both the beauty of the landscape and the culture hidden in the details.
The format of magazine has been crafted to create a highly visual and physical experience, employing a lovely physical textural feel and achieving great ‘lift’ for the extensive colour palette.

The Marbella Club

The magazine evokes nostalgia and draws on the family history, and what a history it is! The Marbella Club was originally founded by Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe in 1954, beginning its journey as a rustic guest house and quickly attracting the bold and the beautiful, from royal to film stars.

“Elegant simplicity – it is the Marbella Club philosophy. It is our way of life”
Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe

All these years on, the Marbella club has managed to retain its original magic, with the gardens that Alfonso so joyously planted and his inexhaustible ‘joie de vivre’. Yet, its enduring success comes down to a constant metamorphosis that sees it evolving while remaining true to its original charm… blending heritage and innovation in perfect harmony.


Andalusia is a place apart from the rest of Spain, with rich traditions and cuisine, and a laid-back pace that nurtures the important things in life: family, community, laughter and togetherness. The magazine successfully demonstrates and conveys this in mere seconds, yet has the depth to encourage the reader to dip back in and cement the emotional connection.

“At the Marbella Club we wholly embrace the Andalusian spirt… and help you discover the region’s hidden treasures and microclimate. This is what sets the Marbella Club apart; why generations of families have been coming back year after year and why… after you stay, I hope you too will feel as if you have entered into a very special, exclusive club.”
Count Rudi, original General Manager since 1961

The magazine explores themes as diverse as wellness, living with a sunny disposition and healthy lifestyles with seductive information on club life, the region and even the local micro-climate. The family friendly nature of the club is captured with various articles and an integral pocket on the cover holds a Kids Club insert and colour-in-and-keep poster.

Throughout the magazine’s 63 pages, the reader cannot help but appreciate the quality, fun and friendliness on offer which are conveyed effortlessly. All in all, this is a beautiful piece of marketing which captures and conveys a magical slice of paradise.

The Marbella Club Magazine. Published by Smoke Creatives and Ernest Journal on behalf of the Marbella Club. Printed by Logical Connections. Smoke Creatives are a London based agency that combines creativity with insight and rigorous strategic thinking to deliver beautiful and thoughtfully made magazines that audiences want to read from cover to cover.


Services Involved
  • Print Production
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