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Project Description

French style and design in the UK


La Redoute is a French heritage brand that specialises in ready-to-wear apparel and stylish home décor. Founded in Roubaix France in 1837, La Redoute launched in the UK in 1995, giving UK customers the opportunity to add a touch of the famous French style to both their wardrobes and their homes.

The name La Redoute is synonymous with Designer Collaborations – with big names such as Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent & Jean-Paul Gaultier, featuring in their collaborators timeline, more recently the brand has introduced UK shoppers to International designers such as Vanessa Seward and Jacquemus.

From trend-led pieces and timeless fashion classic to the Instagram famous Afaw berber rug, La Redoute offers a range of stylish, affordable clothing and homeware.


LC work closely with La Redoute’s marketing team managing marketing and print requirements and developing new concepts.

La Redoute were keen to introduce a large format mailing piece that would showcase the full range of products on offer, whilst being cost effective. A departure from a traditional 52pp catalogue mailed in polywrap, La Redoute wanted a more environmentally sound alternative.

Sustainability is particularly important to La Redoute and they were committed to moving away from the use of polywrapping. “Increasingly customers are becoming more environmentally conscious; we listened to our customers and since launching the paper wrap we have had lots of positive feedback.” explains Clair Janchote, Publications Manager.

LC produced an 8pp Broadsheet mailer enclosed in a paper wrap that is fully recyclable. The paper wrap not only looks good but delivers marketing messages and imagery (and is a pleasure to open!).


The in-house stylists and designers at La Redoute possess an exceptional level of expertise which manifests each year through their creations in French style, fashion, and home – all made accessible to the greatest number of consumers possible. More than 70% of La Redoute’s turnover comes from its own brands.

La Redoute’s fashion designers create collections that are accessible, democratic and optimistic, yet with a contemporary spirit, offering a multifaceted fashion line that appeals to all generations, all styles, and all female body types.

La Redoute’s home designers seek to surprise customers with new combinations while still making their creations accessible to as many people as possible. Beauty should not be exorbitant in price! The in-house design team work every day to think up furniture and fabric collections that demonstrate both style and artistic taste, and are practical to own.

Visit for women’s, men’s and kids’ fashion, homeware, furniture and electricals.

Services Involved
  • Format Development
  • Large Format Mailing
  • Paper Wrap
  • Mailing Management

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