Project Description

A new online newsstand for modern magazines

Here at LC, we are used to working closely with large, boutique and independent publishers to produce, print and distribute high quality and premium magazines across the world. We work with the very best and look to push the boundaries of what is possible in print, production and distribution.

Sadly, it is often the case that despite all this work, the best publications can be lost online, surrounded by pale imitations and low quality mass content. And we wanted to change this.

Hence we have launched Flikthru which curates for you what’s great and what’s not… aiming to present the best of what is out there. The team look for quality, passion and energy in the titles that we present here in Flikthru. If it is on Flikthru, it is because we believe it stands out on many levels. Any title on Flikthru really is deserving of its place at the top table.

“We love the medium… to ‘flikthru’ a quality magazine and see and feel the personality, textual content and visual impact… with the best publications you can go back to them time and time again and they just keep on giving.”  Greig Scott, Logical Connections

Flikthru offers single-copy sales, subscriptions and digital editions with world-wide delivery.

Here’s a peak at some of the magazines available on Flikthru:

  • Mission – Engaging socially conscious people and companies through the lens of fashion – each bi-annual issue is devoted to a particular charity or cause, with the profits going to that cause
  • Wallpaper* – Journey through the Wallpaper* world of Style, Fashion Design, and Art
  • Red BulletinAn active lifestyle magazine that delivers thrilling, surprising and inspiring stories from the world of Red Bull and beyond
  • MundialFast growing quarterly football magazine. Full of definitive articles on fan culture, kits, legends, travel and goals – and brilliant photography & illustrations
  • GAFFER – Newly launched magazine bridging the gap between football, music, fashion and culture
  • CHAOS – Showcases fashions new faces in intriguing editorials and beauty stories and tributes quarterly to the models who drive the industry
  • Robb Report – A luxury-lifestyle magazine featuring products, including automobiles, aviation, boating, real estate and watches
  • A Magazine Curated By – A unique magazine concept that explores the universe of a different fashion designer invited as the ‘guest curator’ of each issue
  • Office -Founded as a print magazine in New York City in 2014, office is a global media network designed to subvert convention with an unorthodox approach to fashion and creative culture at large
  • Teeth – A London-based, internationally distributed, biannual publication and online society of creatives focused on showcasing captivating and subversive outlooks on fashion, music, culture, and art
  • Treats!A limited edition, fine art print & digital magazine featuring stunning fashion models & celebrities photographed by the worlds top photographers
  • Zine – Focussed on the chemistry between individuality, art & innovation
  • Crease – A new independent publication focused on seeing the game of hockey in a different light
  • Banana – Navigating through the blurred Eastern and Western boundaries creating a voice for contemporary Asian culture

“We know first-hand the passion and energy that goes into creating each issue of a truly great publication… a lot of blood, sweat and tears… there is so much work involved… In the real world you can discern the difference in quality immediately, but online, it was too hard to differentiate the wheat from the chaff. We just felt that the best magazines deserved to be presented better.  It’s our passion, hopefully it will become your passion too”

Services Involved
  • Online Newsstand
  • Distribution
  • Digital Editions

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