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Scientifically proven to make friends & family 62.9% happier


Christmas is a critical time for retail and online gift retailer Firebox were keen to maximise response and use the festive period as an opportunity to create an impression and reach out to new customers.

LC have worked with Firebox for many years, supporting its highly innovative and creative marketing team and the company’s product development. Firebox were keen to explore and test new ideas to promote an overall campaign themed around “Give a gift that gets a reaction this Xmas”. In support of this, LC managed the production of a personalised Firebox Xmas catalogue & mailing, a brand magazine and a multi-site brand-to-hand campaign in central London.

Firebox have supported the campaign with email, video and blog content that gently (and humorously) attests that “Firebox gifts make you 63% happier”. The campaign was aimed at young professionals, 24 – 40, male and female.


Firebox wanted to break out of their existing digital marketing circles, connect the brand directly with new customers and create an impression. Applying the targeting criteria, LC setup a public brand-to-hand campaign at 20+ locations at rush hour throughout London, including Paddington, Waterloo, Oxford Street and Liverpool Street. As for many people this may be their first exposure to the brand, a magazine was specifically developed for the campaign, which was handed out directly.

Each team member was fully branded head-to-toe in Firebox, in bright colours that helped convey the fun and directness of the brand. Brand-t0-hand is highly effective, offering good targetability by area and capable of reaching significant footfall.

During the Firebox campaign, many commuters enquired about the brand as they didn’t recognise it, so the team had several opportunities to engage with potential customers and convey what the brand was all about. In just a few hours, over 40,000 people received magazines in key locations throughout London.


The Firebox catalogue covers an eclectic mix of exclusive, unusual Gifts, Tech, Food, Drink, Gadgets, Art, Books, Home, Clothing, Games, Toys, Lifestyle, Pop Culture and Oddities. The catalogue is mailed directly to customers who typically purchase at this time of year, and potential recipients were appraised for their use of channels such as email, print and offline campaigns. In this way, the mailing could be optimised to maximise response and minimise wastage.

LC produced an 28pp catalogue which was mailed to over 90k targets.


Firebox swung open their metaphorical doors in 1998 under the name Following a brush with a website peddling less than desirable content, there was a quick name change and was born, focussed on cool gifts and gadgets.

As the business grew, Firebox began to develop their own products – their first original creation was The Shot Glass Chess Set – a timeless cerebral battle of wits meets “getting drunk”. The more pieces you take, the more drunk you get. A fitting start to set the tone for future Firebox Creations – unusual gifts, with a twist.

Fast forward twenty years and Firebox are still coming up with mad products that will make you laugh (and occasionally pleasantly drunk). Not least, Mythical Spirits, which uses closely-guarded extraction methods to harvest the tears of fantastical beasts. Firebox excel at the fun and creative… in recent years launching products such as F*cking Strong Coffee, the world’s hottest chilli chocolate, Spreadable Gin & Tonic and Mushions (squishy cushions with your face printed on).

Firebox went on to invent the Mystery Box, because “we got bored of everyone getting exactly what they asked for”, feeling that gift-giving used to mean something – launching a one-company-mission to bring back the risk, suspect and surprise.

Visit for unusual gifts with a twist, or simply put your fate in Firebox’s hands and treat someone to a bit of mystery. Not For Everyone.

Services Involved
  • Format Development
  • Catalogue Print & Production
  • Magazine Production
  • Brand to Hand
  • Mailing Management

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