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The future of foiling arrives and its rather good!

Occasionally we delve into our toolkit and explore new techniques and capabilities that can help our clients creatively. Here we turn the spotlight on a new production technique that opens up several interesting creative possibilities.

EcoFoil is a new technique that bring colour, flexibility and impact to foiling, and achieves this in a far more environmental way. Over several months, we have successfully adopted this in a number of publications and marketing materials. Here’s what we found …

First, some history:

Traditional foiling (hot stamping or foil stamping) has certainly stood the test of time. This printing method first rose to prominence in the 19th century!

The method uses pre-dried ink or foils which are transferred to a surface at high temperatures. While this can be done in a variety of colours and processes, it is important to note that the colour is achieved by the coating itself.

Metallic foil has a metal-like sheen and is available in different metal shades such as gold, silver, bronze, and copper. Non-metallic foils are possible (using three distinct layers including a colour layer) and there are now even holographic foil papers which include a 3-dimensional image.

So what’s new?

Ecofoil® is an exciting new foiling technique. A standout feature is that the method allows for the full colour spectrum to be printed ON the foil. Creatively, this allows far greater flexibility, expression and impact.

Despite the additional capability, the technique is actually cost effective vs. traditional foiling. It is possible to apply the foil selectively to accent particular elements of the page (even text!) or it can be applied to the full page.

And because the foil is applied cold, it is significantly more environmentally friendly than traditional foiling techniques.

Like all techniques, the effect is subjective but we’ve been impressed with the results. Ecofoil can be used to help publications and marketing materials stand-out; creating additional impact with a reduced environmental impact. It can be adopted quickly and it creates a strong impact.

Look out for the foiling in use on Creative Review and Some Ideas on the newsstand!

Services Involved
  • Foiling
  • Cover Design & Production
  • Creative Techniques

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