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Project Description

Celebrating 10 Years of Cult Beauty

Cult Beauty was born when two skin care obsessives grew frustrated by the all-too-often condescending messaging (and underwhelming offerings) they came across throughout the beauty industry. Having invested in innumerable ineffective creams and disappointing serums, Jess and Lex both vowed to boycott bathroom cabinets full of hollow promises (and wasted pounds).

“One day Jessica and I decided to analyse our bathroom beauty stash and tot up the cost of the quarter-used products we’d wasted our hard-earned money on (I dare you to try it!). For me, this amounted to just-shy of £900, which provided the ‘shove’ we required to start on our quest to curate a beauty Hall of Fame: our own authoritative treasure trove of products that our customers could trust.”
Alexia Inge, Cult Beauty Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Fast-forward ten years and Cult Beauty has a team of 120 people and was named one of the top ten fastest-growing business in the UK by the Sunday Times Fast Track 100. To celebrate their 10th year, Cult Beauty turned to LC to produce an anniversary magazine that would be distributed to 140k key customers.

“Cult Beauty openly had no experience of print – the business was entirely and very successfully focussed on digital channels. Producing a magazine from scratch was a significant undertaking to say the least. We’re proud to have helped Cult Beauty to cross the chasm and to now consider physical print as part of the marketing mix.” Greig Scott, Managing Director Logical Connections

LC worked to supplement Cult Beauty’s digital skills to produce a fantastic magazine to celebrate their 10th anniversary. As a first time experience, LC provided high-res profiled press proofs and digitally printed dummy versions – this enabled the client to appraise the right look and feel. The marketing team visited and saw the process in the production plant first hand. On a functional level, a 115gsm paper was used in the web print process to ensure a quality feel.

Following a fabulous reception for this first printed marketing piece, Cult Beauty were keen to do more. LC are now working with Cult Beauty on a Christmas magazine which will use a larger format.

Services Involved
  • Concept Development
  • Studio
  • Material Research
  • Prototyping
  • Print Production
  • Distribution

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